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Our long-term client – Fit! – sought Increditors’ assistance in developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy to grow brand awareness and attract more leads.

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Glen Michel

Glen Michel

Owner, Germ Prod Inc.

The creativity at this agency has always been beyond impressive.

About the Client

Fit! is a global community connecting athletes with the world’s most innovative fitness equipment paired with world-class content from 50+ instructors.

The Challenge

The challenging part was the length of the video. Fit! wanted it to be less than 50 seconds while showing as many as the programs they have.

The Solution

We came up with the video wall to showcase +30 programs in one scene and used their most popular programs in single scenes to draw more attention.

How it ended

After 2 rounds of feedback, we swapped a few shots, changed some words, and Fit! approved the video.

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Premiere Pro

Timeline Overview

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Video Wall

This is THE SOLUTION that we came up with. 

  • It has all of the programs and courses they already have
  • It helps with keeping the video short 
  • It’s engaging for their target audience
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Phone Animation

Fit! wanted to show their digital book and diet program too.
So instead of adding static images, we added a 3D phone to visualize it better.

Fit app ad 4v5 V1.mp4 snapshot 00.08 2021.09.17 23.14.55

Repurposed Content

We also created a 4×5 version of the main video to be used on different platforms.

Fit! 🧡's Increditors

Fit! considered video marketing an essential part of their marketing strategy and continuously collaborate with our team to create videos that involve brand and product.

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