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Are you a builder, or a storyteller? Work with the video editing company that’s produced hundreds of videos for Fit!, Rhythm-Monster, NSLA, and the global startup ecosystem.
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"I recommend them without reservation"
"high-skilled experts in the video editing field"
"over the moon is an understatement"

See real results, created by the video editing company consistently rated five-stars.

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Clear and compelling.

New innovations create communication gaps. Our core belief is that video is the best way to close the distance between you and your customers.

New to it all? We’ll give you a free strategy session
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Powerful video content.
For bootstrapped or VC-backed startups.

Easy to try

We believe there’s a special story of everyone. We offer a free video strategy session, just to make sure we’re right for each other.

Easy to manage

Our video editing company manages the whole process. With staged milestones that ensure quality is embedded into every stage of the project. You’re in control every step of the way.

Easy to scale

Localise for different markets, or create cut-downs or variants of your video quickly and affordably. We understand what it takes to communicate an innovative product, and that testing is essential.

See our work for winning startups.

200 million+ views. Over 400+ product videos. $150K in crowdfunding raised.
There’s a reason that startups, and Y-Combinator alumni get their content produced by Increditors.

Taiwan Beer’s FIRST American Ad?!

Juice WRLD – Conversations Skeler Remix

Travis Scott & Quavo – Go Limbow Flip

Plyosthenics by Tremayne Dortch

CROSSTRAIN X by Streat Hoerner

Fit App Promo – Black Friday

Project Gymnastics by Jake Dalton

BoardFit by Darcy Sharpe

Snowboarding Program | Snowboard Video Editing | Sport Editing

90 Day Fat Loss Accelerator

Stephen Campolo Fat Loss Program | Fitness Video Editing

“The Party’s MC” LeLe Farley

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. You can read it directly here. Project Summary Increditors developed a music video for a bilingual rap song...

Plus Card – Bank of Georgia

SkierFit by John Collinson

About the Client Fit! is a global community connecting athletes with the world’s most innovative fitness equipment paired with world-class content from 50+ instructors. By accessing the Fit!...

Grow with video.

We’ve developed over nine different content categories to cover a broad scope of marketing requirements.

Still need convincing?

+ See how we did a 40% increase in subscription for Fit! (SaaS).
+ See how our video outperformed older ads by 75% for Rhythm-monster.
+ Read our full service case study for Brightwork.

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Trusted by startups,
of all shapes and sizes.


Michael Eagle

CEO at Rhythm Monster

“Increditors is a stellar video editor agency, so much so that we’ve now worked with them for over 2 years. Their reliability, communication skills, creativity, and software skills make them a truly positive contributor to our company culture. We’re honored to work with them and proud to call them a Rhythm Monster Partner! “


+ Over 70 videos produced.


Glen Michel

Owner at Germ Prod Inc.

Increditors was able to create videos that helped the client’s customers achieve ideal results from their social media ads. The team was highly agile in terms of delivery, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor’s creative approach to the process.


+ Lowered CPA.

+ Over 100 videos produced.


Lawrence Farley

CEO at Lele Farley Productions LLC

The music video was received highly positively by the client and other stakeholders. The Increditors team did a fantastic job of editing and producing the video, beating all of their deadlines all the time. Their work quality was good, and their confidence was instrumental in the project’s success.


+ Avg. view duration 200s (93% view rate).

+ 250K views on YouTube


How is Increditors different?

1. Dedicated team: Increditors gives your marketing and creative teams super powers, literally. Whether it’s beautiful corporate videos for your ad campaigns, compelling motion graphics for your next product launch, or an animated video for TikTok — you can rapidly bring any video idea to life, and make it work for your business. You’ll be alongside a dedicated, award winning video post-production team that’s done it over 700+ times.


2. Fully managed: Skip the hassle of managing video editors on your own, and edit, grade, vfx and produce your video content through Increditors. At every step of the process, we’ve got you covered.


3. Results-first: We’ve battle-tested what works and what doesn’t work over hundreds of different youtube channels and video campaigns, and for a variety of different businesses and industries. You’ll benefit from all of the best video editing practices we’ve accrued across every project, which contributes to content becoming more cost effective over time.

What type of video content do you produce?

The short answer is, everything.


A good thing about hiring a specialized video editing agency is that they can help you with any types of work you need.


Whether you need business videos, YouTube content, 2D/3D explainer videos, feature film editing and color grading, music videos, or commercials, we got you covered.


The only thing we DON’T do is shooting videos. 


Our team has more than 150+ years of experience in video editing, color grading and VFX.

Where are you located?

We have an office in the US, WY, and our artists from Los angles, California, Spain, Italy and India to help you produce engaging video content — with half of our clients located in the United States, we have an international presence that extends to brands in Europe and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to help our clients produce meaningful connections with their audience using compelling video content, whether it’s video editing, color grading, VFX or animation.


If you’re located internationally, please feel free to get in touch. We have a 24/7 support line, and a team meeting calendar that you can use to book a time with our sales team.

Do you offer subscription?

We only offer premade subscriptions for our YouTube video editing service, social media reels editing, and thumbnail design service


For the rest of our services, we create custom quotes or custom monthly subscription.

What is your post-production process like?

We’ve streamlined the entire post-production process to ensure quality is high:

  1. Creative briefing and onboarding: once you select your preferred engagement and content style, we provide you with a creative brief to collect your goal and product value propositions, in addition to your existing brand guidelines and logo files.
  2. Pre production (animation only): then we’ll develop a concept, script, and dedicate the best talent. Each stage of the process requires your sign-off so you’re always satisfied with the outcome.
  3. Production (animation only): for animation, we’ll then illustrate out the entire storyboard before heading into motion.
  4. Post production: you’ll have a video editor, colorist, motion graphics expert or VFX team, that will handle all the video editing from start to finish.
  5. Delivery: once video editing is completed, all the media files will be made available for download following your final sign-off.


You can see our step by step process here.

What is your specialty?

After years of creating relationship with the best artists around the world, we are confident to say that we are specialized in the services we offer.


Post-production is our only focus and our 200+ clients can back us up.


Our main services are video editing and color grading and we have teams for both startups and Hollywood production houses.

Who do you work with?

Our clients are companies, production houses, agencies and creators who want quality videos, free up their time, scale and improve their video performance.


We do not work with low quality footage.

What briefing materials should I provide?

If you’re at the discovery stage, that’s completely ok — you can still get in touch with us!


If you’re ready to proceed with a video project, we highly recommend including the following in your brief:

  1. A clear and concise description of the project goals, and what you’d like your video to achieve.
  2. A detailed description of the target audience, and the channels that you’re looking for the video to be distributed across.
  3. A list of specific deliverables that are required, including cut-downs, ratios or services.
  4. A timeline for the project.
  5. Your ideal budget range.
  6. If you’re after multiple videos, the scope of video editing services you’re looking for.


The best videos will also start with good references. If you have a video style or example that you like, please include it in your brief. If you need help choosing a style, you can use our portfolio search tool.

Contact our video team

Got questions? Our team is here to help with insights on process, planning and your next project.

or call us on +1 213 261 7607.

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