• Works for one-time projects, or for
    ongoing plans that produce video at scale.

    High-quality, managed end-to-end.
    20-30% cheaper than traditional agencies.

    Every review rates Increditors five-stars.
    5/5 — 47 reviews — rated “Perfect”


    Works for one-time projects, or for
    ongoing plans that produce video at scale.

    High-quality, managed end-to-end.
    20-30% cheaper than traditional agencies.

    Every review rates Increditors five-stars.
    5/5 — 47 reviews — rated “Perfect”

  • Works for one-time projects, or for
    ongoing plans that produce video at scale.

    High-quality, managed end-to-end.
    20-30% cheaper than traditional agencies.

    Every review rates Increditors five-stars.
    5/5 — 47 reviews — rated “Perfect”

  • Works for one-time projects, or for
    ongoing plans that produce video at scale.

    High-quality, managed end-to-end.
    20-30% cheaper than traditional agencies.

    Every review rates Increditors five-stars.
    5/5 — 47 reviews — rated “Perfect”

An Ultimate Guide to Alex Hormozi, Ali Abdaal, and Mr. Beast Video Editing Style and Methods

With multitudinous video editing methods, styles, tips, and hacks available in abundance on the Internet, it becomes incredibly challenging to select the ideal one when it comes to video editing.

With audience shifting their tastes and preferences towards YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and different video sources for informative content and entertainment purposes, it becomes imperative for content creators and YouTubers to make highly engaging and compelling videos to attract mass audiences.

Of all YouTube video editing methods available on the Internet, three styles have become prominent and are trending due to their phenomenal use of creativity and blend of artistic elements. Yes, you have got it right!

In this article, we will walk you through how to create YouTube and social media platform videos with three trending video editing methods – Alex Hormozi Style, Ali Abdaal Style, and Mr. Beast Style.

Alex Hormozi Video Editing Method

Let us first discuss the Video Editing Method of Alex Hormozi Style. Before we delve into the details, let us shed light on the breakdown of his videos, wherein you will observe the Rule of Six philosophy being implemented to captivate the audience and keep them hooked on his videos.

He breaks down each scene into six pivotal categories, each carrying its own significance: Emotion, Story, Rhythm, 3D Space, Eye Trace, and 2D Plane Screen. For every video, emotion is an integral component to keep viewers engaged from the start.

To achieve this, riveting visuals should be incorporated into your videos, just like Alex Hormozi does. He has developed his remarkable, unique approach of judiciously using visual effects to engage with his audience emotionally.

The following are the elements to be noted to edit videos like Alex Hormozi:

Talking Head Style

The foremost element you will notice in Alex Hormozi’s videos is that he speaks directly to the camera to create a personal connection with the viewers. It leads to holding onto the audience’s attention and keeps them hooked.

It develops a sense of human touch with every message he shares and the brand he promotes. It builds trust and confidence in the audience that a real person is talking with them, looking straight into their eyes through the camera and conveying a sense of authenticity.

Most importantly, it signifies that the videos are not scripted and that the speaker is trustworthy.

Also, by using hand gestures, a perfect mix of tone, and facial expressions, talking-head videos become visually intriguing and enable content creators to add more variety to their videos, thereby serving their audience with unique and catchy content every time.

Make sure to incorporate these points of talking-head style to captivate your audience from the beginning and keep them hooked till the end.

Compelling and Peppy Captions

Another element you will observe in Alex Hormozi’s videos is how shrewdly he designs his captions to ensure they are compelling, peppy and focused on the queries searched by the users. Almost every caption is crafted cleverly, exhibits uniqueness and relevance, and conveys meaning to engage with diversified audiences.

Irrespective of viewers’ backgrounds, tastes, and interests, his captions resonate with diverse groups. His captions have powerful punch and memorable punch lines on trending affairs and social media content to ensure they capture a mass audience’s attention.

His captions are primarily on topics containing inspiring stories, positive messages, and thought-provoking questions, and most importantly, they are concise and to the point.

Playing with Zoom Effects

Another component that makes Alex Hormozi’s videos stand out in YouTube feed is the clever use of Zoom in and out effects to a significant extent. You will notice that he zooms in on a specific aspect in his videos, such as facial expressions or an object, to emphasize its importance and draw viewers’ attention to it and make them delve more into the video.

It is a witty trick to make viewers curious about what will happen next and make them think deeply. This technique is effective when you want to convey a crucial message or a point.

In contrast, he shrewdly uses the zoom-out effect to make the audience feel excited that a new section will come up now, empowering them to offer a fresh perspective and refresh their attention.

We recommend using zoom-out effects for building a transition between shots or shifting focus to key portions. Zoom-in is perfect for creating a surprising element.

Dynamic Sound Effects

Lastly, you will have been enthralled by the dynamic sound effects incorporated in Alex Hormozi’s videos, wherein he gives an immersive experience for his audience and connects them on an exciting journey.

It is a potent tool, especially when you have to keep viewers hooked on your videos in storytelling parts and make them feel they are about to receive a heart-touching message at the end of the story related to their life experiences and current life scenarios.

For instance, sound effects like a clock ticking or a busy road or crowded street are ideal to take users back to early struggle days by creating an intriguing transition sound effect.

You can even use noisy office sounds or a triumphant effect to convey a monotonous corporate life and a sense of achievement.

To summarize, by incorporating the above four pivotal components of Alex Hormozi Style Video Editing Method in your videos, you will experience a tremendous positive response and quality upgrade in your content.

Also, Alex Hormozi has developed a framework called “Value Equation.” It is a formula to help content creators, YouTubers, and businesses optimize their value for maximizing profits.

The formula is as follows:

Value = (Dream Outcome x Perceived Likelihood of Achievement) ÷ (Time Delay x Efforts and Sacrifices)

It means that to generate higher value for your video content, you must increase the quality of your dream outcome and achievement. In contrast, you should reduce the time and effort required for content creation.

Ali Abdaal Video Editing Style

Let us discuss the Ali Abdaal Style Video Editing Method and incorporate the learnings to augment your users’ experience and engagement with YouTube videos. Before diving into his strategy, you will have decoded the secrets if you keenly watch and observe his videos.

It is the scripting strategy of his YouTube shorts that makes him a master at storytelling. For instance, if you carefully review his short video “The Region Beta Paradox” with millions of views, you can straightforwardly demystify how cleverly he uses captions to solve a myth, explain a theory, or convey a story to make his audience stay engaged to his videos.

The following are the components to implement in your videos from Ali Abdaal Style Video Editing Method:

Using Original Hook

If you watch his YouTube short “The Region Beta Paradox,” you will notice it begins with his original hook (Ali Abdaal Style), which fills the viewers with curiosity. He judiciously uses words such as “You” to captivate the audience’s attention. It makes them consider whether to continue watching the video in only a few seconds.

Ali Abdaal’s selection of topics makes his viewers immensely involved right from the first few seconds. It enthralls the exciting journey and adventure they are going on and unlocks answers and new experiences through different video levels.

Also, Ali Abdaal uses a catchy word to provoke curiosity in the viewers – “You might be suffering from it right now.” It indicates he is trying to touch the audience’s pain point from the first click, and the “suffering” hook undoubtedly fetches him a mass audience.

Similarly, you should develop a hook that touches your audience’s pain points to make them watch your videos till the end.


One of the salient components you will observe in Ali Abdaal’s videos is the clever use of examples at different stages of videos to provide resolution to viewers’ daily life problems. It is the biggest strength of his videos – shrewdly using examples to explain complex theories and make people’s lives easier.

His real-life examples persuade the audience to visualize them and immerse them deeply in storytelling, leading to watching videos till the end. We recommend giving practical examples of viewers’ pain points and explaining theoretical information wittingly.

Make sure the examples you mention keep the users hooked and use the word “suffer” to make them feel that this video is not only talking about their sufferings but also giving solutions. It increases the retention rate and makes viewers return to your channel for more helpful content.

Key Takeaways

Every video, be it short or lengthy, is incomplete without a quick recap. It is paramount to mention key takeaways by summarizing the video to make users feel confident that their time was worthwhile and that they derived valuable meaning and information.

It will persuade them to return for more content and explore your existing content. Also, you can play with viewers’ psychology by asking them to like, comment, and share the video if they found it helpful and learned something.

Also, ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel for more beneficial videos. In every Ali Abdaal short, you will notice a quick recap of the points we mentioned.

Ask Questions

One excellent thing about Ali Abdaal’s videos is that he plays with viewers’ mindsets and convinces them to drop a comment below the video to create an engagement. Also, it augments the retention rate of his videos.

You can incorporate this technique, as your videos will still play while viewers are commenting. The likes of their comments and your reply will make them return to the same video. The higher the playtime, the higher your videos rank in the YouTube trending feed.

It is a well-planned and thought-out strategy of Ali Abdaal to make his videos stand out from the rest. You can replicate the similar magic in your videos by following the above tips and giving a personal touch.

Comprehensive Tutorial to Edit YouTube Shorts like Ali Abdaal Style

Editing Software

The foremost thing to shortlist while editing YouTube shorts like Ali Abdaal’s style is deciding the editing software you want to use for video editing. Ali Abdaal primarily uses two editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. The following are the areas wherein these two tools come in handy:

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is beneficial when you want to perform initial video editing, trimming and cutting clips, and compiling them according to the script to ensure they match with the storytelling. It has a user-friendly interface and is prominent among video editors.

After Effects

It comes in handy after the video is edited and shots are lined up systematically. This tool enables you to create intriguing and catchy graphics, effects, and animations through its rich library of advanced effects and animations. It helps give a professional, captivating, and Midas touch to the videos.

Cutting and Trimming Shots

The next paramount step is cutting and trimming your footage by identifying unwanted content and discarding it along with unnecessary pauses, shaky takes, blurry shots, and blunders while speaking to ensure the video content is crisp and concise.

It is the same thing you will notice in Ali Abdaal’s videos wherein he keeps his YouTube short videos duration within the limit and delivers informative content by being to the point.


It is a valuable technique Ali Abdaal incorporates in his videos. He cut attention-grabbing subjects out of footage using the Roto brush tool in After Effects software to paint over the cropped subject to give a selection outline and an eye-catching appearance.

It is helpful to drive the audience’s attention to a specific object where the speaker wants viewers to focus to create excitement.

Incorporating Special Effects

The next component to implement in your videos is adding special effects to make them look attractive and entice the audience. In Ali Abdaal’s videos, you will observe outstanding use of special effects, such as paper tear and text animations.

We recommend exploring the After Effects library to discover or create the ideal effects that align with your video theme.

Make sure to add the selected effects above primary footage in video composition by positioning and scaling adjustment accurately. Also, adjust animation timing with a time remapping feature for smooth video flow.

Note: Your video editing purpose should be expressing your creativity rather than striving for Ali Abdaal style inch-perfect perfection. The more unique your style, the more distinctive it will appear.

Animations and Text

The most noticeable component in Ali Abdaal’s videos is the wiser use of animations to bring titles, texts, and video graphics to life. The following are the ways to create similar animations:


Ali Abdaal gets his video subtitles in a rapid turnaround time. You can also get yours by simply contacting Increditors and providing us with the video and script to get grammatically correct subtitles in a quick turnaround time.

Sound Effects

Sound Effects are the backbone of Ali Abdaal’s video editing method. Identify the appropriate sound effects for transitions, text and visual animations, and other elements to make your videos rich in sound effects and align with narration. You can contact Increditors and leverage sound design services to elevate your overall YouTube videos.


The next component is the heartbeat of every YouTube video – Music. Select or make a piece of background music that perfectly aligns with the topic, content, and outcome of your video. It should not be related to your style.

It must blend and be tailored for each video to keep the audience engaged. For instance, in an informative video on a sensitive topic, the background music shouldn’t be a lofi or joyful. It must match with the video content.

Spin-in Effect

Like Ali Abdaal style video editing method, apply animation presets from After Effects like spin-in to make characters/letters appear one after the other to create suspense and excitement.

Rotation and Scaling

Ali Abdaal’s videos have dynamic movements given to text and graphics by rotation and scaling features to provide a stunning and visually spectacular experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ali Abdaal Style Video Editing

1. Which Software is used by Ali Abdaal for Video Editing?

Ali Abdaal primarily uses two software tools for Video Editing:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro for basic video editing, trimming and cutting clips, and compiling them according to the script
  • After Effects to create intriguing and captivating graphics, effects, and animations through its rich library of advanced effects and animations

2. I am a beginner, Can I still edit a video like Ali Abdaal Style?

Yes, you can confidently edit a video like Ali Abdaal Style by following the tips provided in the article. We recommend using the Adobe Premiere Pro Tool used by him for his video editing. However, if you need more tips or have questions, feel free to contact us.

3. Which equipment Ali Abdaal uses for filming his YouTube videos?

Ali Abdaal employs several equipment for shooting his YouTube videos. However, his primary gears include a Sony 7S III Full Frame, Sony FE lens, Sony E-Mount FE, Sony Digital XLR Digital Adaptor Kit, and the rest you can check it out here.

4. What kind of video content can I edit with Ali Abdaal’s video editing style?

You can edit different types of informative and educational content by using Ali Abdaal’s video editing elements and tips. You can create and edit vlogs, tutorials, shorts, and other YouTube content. If you require assistance with YouTube Video Editing, feel free to contact us.

Mr. Beast YouTuber Video Editing Style

After Alex Hormozi and Ali Abdaal Video Editing Style, let us discuss Mr. Beast Video Editing Method. The following are the techniques for Mr. Beast Video Editing Style:

Video Planning and Scripting

No matter which video you play on the Mr. Beast YouTube channel, you will observe meticulous attention paid to the scripting and planning of the video content, which revolves around stunts, challenges, and philanthropy.

It is paramount to spend time on scripting and video planning to streamline the editing process and have firm clarity of what you want from your video. It will also lead to intriguing and compelling narration.

Also, make sure to have to outline the beginning, middle, and ending of the video to reflect an engaging storyline.

High-Octane Introduction

The first five seconds will determine whether the viewer will watch till the end. In Mr. Beast’s videos, you will observe a high-octane and dynamic introduction that instantly engages the audience and keeps them hooked till the end.

Footage Lineup

Once the video is shot, use the video script to line up the video footage according to the desired storyline. In Mr. Beast’s videos, the content is crisp and to the point because he cut and trim unnecessary pauses, camera jerks, and low lighting to ensure top-notch video quality.

B-Roll and Cutaway Shots

The unique attribute of Mr. Beast’s video editing style is the clever use of B-roll footage and cutaway shots to add depth to the videos and keep the audience by giving them refreshing backgrounds.

A single monotonous shot, camera angle, or background is bound to make the final video dull. Hence, we recommend incorporating ingenious close-ups, camera angles, and peppy transitions to keep the viewers hooked.

Editing Software

It is imperative to carefully select the suitable video editing software as it can make or break your final output.

We recommend using Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, widely used by the world’s top YouTubers. It is pivotal to get acquainted with cutting and trimming clips, color correction (CC), and sound (audio) adjustments for basic video editing.

Visual Effects

Mr. Beast’s videos are illustrious for their stunning visual effects and judicious use of smooth transitions via slick animations, creative wipes, and other components to seamlessly jump from one scene to another and give viewers a visually spectacular experience.

Surprising Elements

Mr. Beast videos have unexpected plot twists, surprising elements, giveaways, challenges, suspense, and other interacting components to keep the viewers engaged. Creating surprises and seamlessly integrating them into different video parts create memorable experiences and make viewers watch till the end.

Music and Sound Design

An enthralling designed music and sound effects are the highlights of a trending video. Mr. Beast carefully selects catchy music tracks and relevant sound effects that match different video parts to keep viewers excited.

He is a pro at placing the sound effects and background music that complement the music by adding a feel of adrenaline-rush, suspense, and soul-stirring.

At Increditors, our highly talented YouTube Video Sound Engineers will help you create a perfect sound design and effects for your videos that blend with the content.

Riveting Text Graphics

If you notice Mr. Beast’s videos, you will observe an intriguing use of text overlays to emphasize crucial points, demonstrate objects, or share statistical data.

Also, he experiments with graphics, animations, and fonts to make text graphics visually engrossing and aligned with video content. You should select suitable graphics, animations, and text overlays that match your video message.

Apart from the components mentioned above, Mr. Beast is prominent for his funny and entertaining YouTube videos containing different emotions and delivering value to the audience.

You will experience impactful philanthropy, educational/informative content, and heartwarming moments that connect deeply with his target audience.

Also, he has hallmarked a consistent style for his videos that is reflected in his videos’ thumbnail design, editing style, sound effects, music, texts, graphics, animations, and color grading.

We recommend utilizing all the components mentioned for creating and editing videos like Mr. Beast’s style. Most importantly, invest in an excellent quality camera, audio and lighting equipment, and shooting gears to ensure top-notch shooting footage for splendid editing output.


After reading the blog, you will have comprehensive knowledge about the top 3 YouTubers’ video editing methods and techniques – Alex Harmozi, Ali Abdaal, and Mr. Beast. You incorporate a video editing style of either, ensuring it fulfills your requirements and helps you create and edit a video that resonates immensely with your audience.

You can even use a mix of all three video editing techniques to exhibit a shrewdly edited video with pleasant music, eye-pleasing visuals, and visual elements to keep your audience hooked from the start. However, if you have questions or want YouTube video editing services, feel free to contact us.

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