The Elements of Great Color Grading & How Increditors Does It Right

While the detailed process may vary from professional to professional, all experts agree that color grading is one of the most significant aspects of video post-production. The right video color grading brings life back into neutral and log imagery. On the other hand, promising raw footage cannot reveal its true worth without the proper color grading. 

Whether you need to create a visual symmetry between different frames, set the right mood for your motion picture, or enhance the dramatic appeal of your work, color grading comes in handy. However, it can be an arduous task that sometimes takes too much effort. But what if we told you there was a better way?

Read on to find out how Increditors can help you conquer color grading and ace your video projects with surprising ease!


Video is the most exchanged form of media in the world these days. Video makes up a vast majority of the overall internet traffic being shared each day. Add to that our ever-reducing attention span, and it becomes imperative to meet benchmarks. Anything mediocre does not register in the minds of the viewers and may even lead to negative brand impressions.

The process includes color grading and correction, which go hand in hand to improve the overall quality of the footage and improve the viewers’ experience. From white balance and contrast correction to fine-tuning the colors to send the right message, professional-grade color grading turns things around completely. 

Feature Films 

Professional color grading for films and cinema is not just about meeting the bare minimum standards but about taking things to perfection. Film cameras used for movies and feature films work with a log profile that does not process a high contrast ratio. Cameras do that to save space and include the maximum amount of footage in limited storage. 

However, this renders the footage flat and, hence, needs color processing. On the other hand, it allows post-production editors a greater range of flexibility to work with. Professional color editing companies like Increditors work with top-of-the-line equipment that makes the editing process faster and easier. 

Why Increditors 

Professional color grading can completely transform your projects. We color grade countless films, documentaries, and movies every month to perfection, which is why we know what works. The top-of-the-line hardware equipment we use complements the cutting-edge software technologies making the color editing process far more efficient than traditional methods. With us by your side, you will save a ton of time and get best-in-class color grading. 

Our Fool-Proof Color Grading Process

The step-by-step color grading process that we use ascertains that the final product turns out to be a masterpiece. 

1. Normalization

This includes rendering the basic fixes like brightness, contrast, and saturation levels. Normalization creates a canvas that editors can work with and perform more advanced improvisations. 

2. Color Correction

Our editors start working with deeper aspects of the raw footage, ranging from faulty exposure levels and white balance anomalies to missing contrast ratios and saturation settings. 

3. Color Grading

The point where the rubber meets the road! Color grading is done both with assisted LUT and manual intervention to produce an ideal viewing experience. 

4. Tweaks

After advanced color grading techniques are used to polish the footage into an optimal viewing experience, some final adjustments are made to counteract any inconsistencies that might have crept in, primarily due to LUTs. 

5. Standardizations

Usage of multiple monitors, screens, and software can create a hazy picture of the truth of corrected colors. Saturation levels and hues can appear different from what they are at different screen settings and types. This is where the vectorscope comes in handy. It allows editors to check and record color details that help establish consistency across the board. 

Why risk it all with mediocrity when you can get state-of-the-art video editing services with Increditors? 

Increditors is a group of renowned video editing professionals with decades of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Our experts possess a wide variety of skillset that helps us produce stunning quality in record times. Click here to get in touch with us for a free consultation. 

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