How to Find the Best Video Editor for your YouTube Channel 2022

Professional video editors are a need for every YouTuber at some point. It’s possible to subcontract daily tasks if you discover a video editor that knows your goals and can create high-quality videos. Doing this also gives you more time to promote your videos, look for fresh ideas for material, and do all the other things required to succeed!

If you choose the wrong one, you can waste a lot of time, money, and effort correcting an editor’s low-quality work.

Nevertheless, how can you tell if the editor you’ve hired is a good YouTube video editor? What can you do to avoid spending time looking for an editor? What is the best way to discover an editor who understands your channel’s specific needs?

This is critical since if you choose poorly, you may spend a significant amount of time, money, and effort trying to fix the editor’s mistakes. Because not only will you be losing viewers, but your audience will also have lost faith in your ability to produce good quality content.

If you are looking for an editor, the Increditors team has compiled a list of the most important things to look for!

  • Work on a Timeline
  • Portfolio & Professional Skills
  • Understanding the Psychology of Working with Clients
  • Perception of Criticism
  • Test task


When all of both parties’ requirements and conditions are considered, the work is founded on a long-term working partnership.

Consistency and precision are critical on YouTube since even the tiniest deviation from a deadline can result in catastrophic losses. As a result, stability and responsibility must be prioritized when hiring a YouTube video editor. These features will ensure that your work is uninterrupted and that your video output is streamlined. Outlining stable rules to ensure that work is effective from all angles is not unnecessary. We recommend that you talk about the following topics ahead of time:

  • The work schedule.
  • The frequency with which finished material is delivered.
  • The overall quantity of finished videos.

When both parties’ requirements and conditions are taken into account, the work is built on a long-term working relationship, allowing for more efficient and systematic editing.

It’s a huge benefit if the editor has previously worked with YouTube channels. This indicates that he has a general grasp of how the job is carried out. Experienced editors should be sought out and cherished because they are more likely to understand the value of deadlines, collaboration, and consistency.

Portfolio & Professional Skills

When choosing an editor, one of the most crucial things is his experience and skills when working with video. However, do not rush to bypass a novice editor who has only basic knowledge in this field! If he is eager to develop, this could lead to a very prosperous working relationship!

A much more important factor is not so much the technicality and professional skills of the editor, but the ability to make the project exciting and “alive.”

If the editing job for a particular channel or project doesn’t include complex editing or the creation of computer graphics, then cooperation with an advanced editor will not always be necessary. For you, it’s a blow to the wallet. And from his perspective, this editing job isn’t an appropriate use of his skills. It’s essential to consider these points to create an effective working relationship.

 In addition, special skills are not always required to create lower thirds, intros, and transitions. There are many ready-made templates on the internet, both free templates and those which require you to pay a licensing fee.

 Going back to the topic of less-experienced editors, it’s worth noting that a much more important factor is not so much the technicality and professional skills of the editor, but the ability to make the project exciting and “alive” – the ability to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. This new perspective will be a bonus for you.

 After carefully examining the editor’s portfolio, you will already be able to assess how much their style suits you. At this stage, it’s already possible to understand whether this is the editor who will bring your ideas to life through video.


An excellent editor will not hesitate to ask all the necessary clarifying questions.

 An editor who adequately perceives feedback, is not rude, can clearly express his thoughts, and correctly understands the meaning of “the client is always right” is a good editor!

 If the customer sends a vague technical task or gives incomplete information, an excellent editor will not hesitate to ask all the necessary clarifying questions, ask to send examples of work the client likes, and will do exactly what is needed to satisfy the client. A good editor might even exceed expectations. It’s impossible not to have a good working relationship with an editor with these traits!


Every client and employer loves an editor who adequately evaluates his work and responds well to criticism and corrections. However, if you are a good employer, you should be able to listen to the editor as a professional in his field if he reasonably explains his actions.

 The last word, of course, remains with the customer, and the editor must understand this. Otherwise, the work will be truly difficult for all parties involved.


It is important to discuss the work with the editor and allow them to explain their ideas.

 A test task is a great idea to test the skills and vision of an editor. It will allow you to access the editor’s skills and see if they would be a good fit for your project. But it is critical to make sure that the terms of reference are formulated clearly, contain examples of work you like, and competently answer all the questions asked by the editor. If the result does not live up to expectations, do not rush to conclusions. It is essential to discuss the work with the editor and allow them to explain their ideas. It is possible that to impress you, they got carried away with special effects or moved away from the main idea trying to show as many professional skills as possible. Having discussed all the pros and cons of their work, you will probably get an editor who will do an excellent job!

Although a test task might be a way to start with individuals, most companies have a solid portfolio with relevant examples that will make you certain about your decision.


We believe that this guideline will help you find a truly great editor and build a working relationship that will lead you both to prosperity and success!

 If you have so many things to do that you don’t have time to search for a good team, let us take care of everything! The Increditors Team is routinely engaged in talent acquisition, taking all of the above recommendations into account.

 All our employees are responsible professionals who genuinely love their work!