Producing an Incredible Kickstarter Video

Are you prepared to receive funding? Year after year, Kickstarter contributions increase. People donated roughly $700 million to campaigns in 2015, a 35 percent increase over the previous year. This can give the illusion that getting funded is simple.

Despite this, according to Bloomberg Business Journal, only 44% of initiatives receive complete funding, with up to 10% receiving no pledges at all. It’s not easy to stand apart. You’ll need an incredible Kickstarter video if you want to start a successful Kickstarter campaign.

What makes a video successful. Is it a matter of special effects? Awesome dialogue? Professional actors? Or perhaps something more. Let’s take a look at what makes an incredible Kickstarter video for your next campaign.

The hook

Your Kickstarter videos must capture their interest. Nothing else matters if you don’t accomplish this. This could be accomplished through the video’s title or the first few engaging seconds, which encourage the viewer to learn more.

Tell a powerful story

A story should be conveyed in your video. If you’re seeking to raise money for a project that solves a problem. A visual narrative should be used to demonstrate the situation. Stories keep people’s attention. Rather than telling, they demonstrate. People are eager to learn what will happen next. Work the story to keep the audience’s interest until the very end. After the viewer has walked away, they should be left with an impression, an inability to forget what they’ve just seen, and perhaps a want to share what they’ve seen.

Enthuse your audience

Yes, you’re ecstatic about the film for which you’re seeking funding, but does that enthusiasm translate to someone who doesn’t know you? What makes your concept distinct and special? Why might a donor want to help you achieve your goal? Also, don’t underestimate music’s ability to elicit excitement.

Make sure the visuals are in sync with the narrative

We’ll need to see a rotten cheeseburger if you mention it in the script for some inexplicable reason. To emphasize your message, the images must match what the actors are saying.

Don’t go into too much detail

You don’t want to leave anything to the imagination. People should be aware of what they are funding and that you have a strategy in place. A long movie that describes every step of the process, on the other hand, would not help you. The most successful videos are between two and three minutes long.

Actors are not needed

Depending on the genre of video, you’ll probably need to hire actors, but make sure they’re the proper ones. Casting people who appear to be actual people has a certain authenticity to it. People dislike being “sold” by other forms of entertainment. It’s crucial to have a professional and high-quality production, and having high-quality equipment doesn’t hurt but doesn’t make it look too contrived.

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