INCReditors Earns Our First Review on Clutch

Videos are one of the most powerful tools available to any company regardless of their native industry. They’re great for communicating large and often complex sets of information within a limited time. The medium also provides ample opportunity to deliver said information in a fun and creative ways.

Our expertise lies in video production and helping companies get their audiences’ attention and retain it. While we are more than confident that our clients are pleased with the work that we provide for their operations, we want to put a number on it.

It’s for this reason that we decided to invest in review curation and gathering feedback on our work from clients. We believe that this is a great way to become more transparent to our market and gives us an insight into what our partners really think.

Now our efforts have paid off and we are happy to share that we now have our first review on Clutch. We’d also like to add that this review also gave us a five-star rating which is the best possible start that we could imagine.

This particular project involved a production company that needed special effects and marketing services for their music video. The length of the video was three and a half minutes which was straightforward enough for our team and we dove right into the work.

It’s easy to see what our clients thought about our contributions to the video based on the score they gave us. But we encourage anyone who wants more information about the engagement to read the full account on our Clutch profile. The more information people have about our work the better.

We are happy for this development as it signals the first real step in our efforts to build our online reputation and reach out to a wider potential audience. With the right mindset and work ethic, we’re sure to be counted among the top video production companies in the country in no time.

We want you to be a part of that journey with us. Explore the rest of our website to get a better idea of the services that we offer and how they can benefit your business. Our team is also eager to talk directly with our customers. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We can begin discussions for your video as soon as possible.

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