How Video Production Benefits Your Business

It is an undeniable fact that video content has risen to be the unchallenged champion of the world of content. It’s no secret that you’d pick a video explainer over an article any day. Humans are wired to pick visual content that delivers the content much more quickly and with lesser effort. Cashing in on this human trait is the marketing industry with all its eggs in the video content basket.

Studies have shown that 96% of consumers watched more video content than they did previously. A study by Zenith Media suggests that an average person would watch around 100 minutes of video content per day. Video consumption has also changed how consumers interact with their preferred brands. Another study by shows that 9 out of 10 viewers wanted more video content from the brands and businesses they choose.

If these numbers bring home a point, it is that there is no more ignoring video content as a top marketing strategy. Especially for small businesses, video marketing can play a crucial role in connecting to their customer base and bringing in more conversions. Here is a detailed take on how video production benefits your business.

1. Higher Traffic

Nothing does the trick of hooking a person to content like an engaging video. With great video content, you can ensure that your website gets higher traffic. Studies show that online videos make up more than 82% of all traffic on the internet. A skillfully crafted video based on your brand can encourage users to spend more time on your website which will push up sales.

2. Better SEO Ranking

Your chances of having a higher ranking in search engines are higher with video content. Searchmetrics studies show that 62% of universal searches on Google have a video result in it. With a video to aid your cause, you are more likely to appear on the first pages of the search result in Google searches. Combining this with a carefully curated SEO strategy ensures that your name pops higher in the search results.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Your potential customer must be aware of your presence and your product. All of your marketing strategies could go in vain if your customers do not have a clear understanding of your product. Creating a video that caters to this end is an important marketing strategy. A video is a better tool for getting across information as well as in storytelling. With a better understanding of what you are and what you sell, you are more likely to get conversions.

4. Boost Email Click-Throughs

You can amplify your email marketing outcomes with a video. Email marketing that features videos prompts users to watch it over reading lengthy written content. You can embed the video in the email, host the video on your website and include a thumbnail in the email, or upload it to a video platform like YouTube and embed a link. These are more likely to increase click-through rates for an email marketing campaign. 

5. More Brand Engagement and Connection

A video has more potential to engage customers than any other medium. With more engagement through audio-visual stimulation, you are more likely to build a stronger connection to your target audience. With creative usage, a video can serve to create an emotional and empathetic attachment to your brand. This gives you better brand awareness and loyalty.

6. Leveraging Social Media

Using a social media feed to your advantage is a great marketing strategy. A cleverly crafted video can boost your social media presence by showing up more in social media feeds. Hacking into trending video formats and reels will give you an advantage over conventional video formats. You might even stand a chance of going viral with something truly creative. A scroll-stopping video is a sure-shot way of bringing in more customers to your base. Resorting to social media also gives you a larger audience base. Knowing how to leverage algorithms to your benefit ensures your video gets a larger coverage.

7. Using Video Metrics

Modern analytics tools help you determine exactly how well your content is performing. Using video metrics to your advantage can help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Studies show that 35% of businesses use advanced or intermediate analytics to track the performance of their video. Playing into your strong points using the data from video metrics can give you a headstart. Every brand is unique and requires a unique strategy to gain the most out of every marketing campaign. Using data from video metrics can be what changes the game for you. Using metrics as a feedback loop for improvement creates a scope for growth.

8. Save Marketing Costs

As you can tell, video can make a big difference to your marketing game. However, unlike what you may think, video marketing doesn’t have to burn a hole in your budget. Especially so, when you consider the great ROI and lasting impact of a well-made video. It pays dividends far into the future. 

Plus, when you hire a skilled video production company like Increditors, you can create high-quality and persuasive video content without having to own expensive cameras, equipment, and software.

Summing It Up

Video has become more important to businesses than ever, and it is likely to stay that way. There are a lot of video production houses popping up that cater to this growing industry. However, it is wise to look into the offering of any company before investing your time and money into them.

Increditors are a trusted name that has been delivering quality content and post-production services to the video industry. If you are looking for promotional videos, color grading, 2D animation explainer, YouTube & music videos, wedding videos, software/app promo, VFX, sound design or sports videos, you have come to the right place. Increditors is your last stop at finding great video post-production services. Get in touch with us today to know more.

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